About us


50+, I swing between youth passions and others that better fit to my age. I have been practicing basketball for over 40 fourty years and I love gardening and growing fruit and vegetables. I am a promoter of the aquaponic colture.



Good readings, mountains and cooking are my passions. Thanks to my organizational, mediation and synthesis skills I am point of balance of our family.



Passionate for sustainable development, I lived and studied in Mexico, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Costa Rica. Besides Italian I speak English, Spanish, French and German and I try to be the international mediator of the family.



I live in Milan, where I study and work in the HR field. I love to come back home though, and be by the lake with my family. I fell crazily in love with Norway following a semester studying in Oslo.




25cm “tall” but a great voice. I love catching my ball, for me playing is everything and I am ready to prove it!


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